A pair of 18K white gold earrings set with stunning leaf green 2.19 carat tsavorites, decorated with two halos of diamonds.




Whilst Tsavorite is found in both Kenya and Tanzania, the very finest Tsavorites are still found in the original deposits based in the Tsavo district of Kenya. Their colors are a purer, unadulterated green hue whilst their Tanzanian counterparts tend to have a strong yellow modifier.


This is an outstanding and extremely fine Tsavorite. Fine Tsavorites over 2 carats are rare – the geology of the gem type is such that most crystals are crushed as they form, meaning that the vast majority of Tsavorite mined is very small.


SKU: TSAV219D054
11 000,00$Price
  • Tsavorite is natural and mined in Kenya

    Total weight: 5.0

    Total diamond weight: 0.54

    Diamond quality: SI, G-H