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A delicate 18K white gold ring, set with a beautiful 2.13 carat deep green tsavorite and decorated with a halo of diamonds.




Whilst Tsavorite is found in both Kenya and Tanzania, the very finest Tsavorites are still found in the original deposits based in the Tsavo district of Kenya. Their colors are a purer, unadulterated green hue whilst their Tanzanian counterparts tend to have a strong yellow modifier.


A very fine, very intense 2.13 carat oval Tsavorite. Most Tsavorites on the market hail from Tanzanian deposits which contain a strong yellow modifier. This is a classic Kenyan Tsavorite from the original deposits in Tsavo and has no yellow modifier - it is a pure, forest green. To add to the list of fine attributes, this beauty is flawless which is unusual in Tsavorite, being a Type 2 gem but especially in a 2 carater. A truly superb and rare Tsavorite of the very finest pedigree.


Tsavorite Rarity

Although Tsavorite is not considered by many to be on the verge of extinction as is commonly believed of the Tanzanite, it is and always has been, an exceptionally rare gemstone. Only a small amount of fine Tsavorite crystals are found each year and many of these are small. Good sized 1-2 carat fine stones are difficult to get and the 2+ carat fine Tsavorites are very rare indeed. This is definitely a precious stone of the caliber of which heirlooms are made. 


Tsavorite - An ancient gemstone indeed...

Tsavorite is a relatively new gemstone in terms of market exposure but in terms of geological history it is extremely old. The rocks in which it formed were first laid down over 2 billion years ago. The mighty snow capped Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa, was itself only in its infancy when Tsavorite was already old. What could be more romantic than a superb, flashing green gemstone that was in existence long before the dinosaurs trod the earth?


    Total weight: 3.3g

    Total diamond amount: 46 pcs

    Diamond quality: VVS, D-F

    Total diamond weight: 0.23 carat

    Tsavorite weight: 2.13 carat

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