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A delicate 18K white gold ring, set with a beautiful 1.30 carat deep green tsavorite and decorated with a halo of diamonds.




Intense Green Tsavorite 

Whilst Tsavorite is found in both Kenya and Tanzania, the very finest Tsavorites are still found in the original deposits based in the Tsavo district of Kenya.

Their colors are a purer, unadulterated green hue whilst their Tanzanian counterparts tend to have a strong yellow modifier.

Very intense color. Pure green hue. Flawless. A gorgeous top grade Tsavorite indeed.


Geological History

In the remote Taita Hills bordering the world famous Tsavo National Game reserve (one of Africa’s wildest and largest reserves) lies the site of several Tsavorite mines along a rich Tsavorite bearing vein. The Tsavorite that lies beneath the ground formed nearly 2 billion years ago in a geological process called metamorphism. Mining is done by independent owner-operators living in small camps in the wilderness.

On the site the miners dig a trench and remove the top soil. They shovel the material through a sieve and examine the gravel for tsavorite. If they find a high concentration of tsavorite they bring in a big compressor to power the jack hammers and drills.

Ammonium nitrite is used as an explosive to remove and break the hard rocks, then it is easier to remove them to reach the vein. To avoid damage to the vein, the explosive carrying holes must be 4 feet or further away from the vein. 

If the miners find a vein that is producing good quality stones, the miners follow it down. The caves they dig from the bottom of the main pit down into the rock are called amigos. The amigos in these mines yield very fine quality tsavorite.

Many of the amigos go down to 90 feet and not only host enormous bats but, but also big scorpions. 


This beautiful Tsavorite was mined at 50 feet plus down in a “potato” gem pocket. It was then brought the hundreds of kilometers to Nairobi, where it was cut by our master cutters into a stunning, flashing green faceted gemstone.


    Total weight: 2.90g

    Total diamond amount: 42 pcs

    Diamond quality: VVS, D-F

    Total diamond weight: 0.21 carat

    Tsavorite weight: 1.30 carat

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